Application of Burmese English Translator apk

When I was learning English Language in Yangon, I was difficult to use the translator because I do not have mobile application. Thus I can't know it, it is very good or not. One day, I saw it in play store and I was installing it to use, and open it. I was writing some Myanmar word, It is translating as right, that is nice one, to study English Language.

In the other hard, You are interesting to use it in your smartphone, which is useful in your daily. You can open it and write what you want to know in English Language. It will be translation to what you want in English. Not only Myanmar to English but also It is translation English to Myanmar. It is supporting you who need to be knowing Both of Myanmar and English.

If you are interesting to use this application, you must download under link, and you are going to install it at your smartphone and tablet. After that you can open and use it your smartphone. I hope you are happy to use in your smartphone. Thanks 

Application of Burmese English Translator apk Reviewed by Mr. Win Hlaing on Saturday, February 06, 2021 Rating: 5

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